Are you using any of the following ways
to play background music in your business?

  • CD ripping
  • Download from the internet
  • Playing music from iPod, MP3 player, USB flash drive, etc.

If so, are you satisfied with what you are using?

  • Using CD

    limited variety of audio options?
    music not matching your brand or business surrounding?

  • Using TV / Radio

    commercial interruptions?
    Not creating a better ambience for your business?

  • Using other service provider

    Suitable music for local market?
    Are you looking for Cantopop, Mandopop, J-Pop or K-Pop?

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If the answer is yes
you may already infringed music copyright!

Illegal reproduction of music

In December 2013, HK Customs & Excise took action against a technology company for illegal reproduction of karaoke music videos. 5 pubs which used the illegally reproduced music were also raided. Not only the proprietor & staff of the technology company, but also staff of the pubs were arrested, and systems loaded with infringing songs were seized.

Message from HK Customs & Excise at a press conference on 15th December 2013:- “commercial establishments that use of infringing work in the course of their business will constitute a criminal offence and is subject to prosecution, and the maximum penalty is 4 years’ imprisonment and a fine of HK$50,000 per infringing copy.”

Spotify, MOOV, KKBOX, EOL Asia, itunes are some of the legitimate and popular music services. However, using these music services or purchasing digital music is generally for personal and non-commercial use. If you are playing music from these “customer based” music services in your business, you may have already violated the terms of service and may be liable for copyright infringement.

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